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MX06 Video Converter Tutorial

MX06 FM Tuning

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1. first you need to download the app here

2. second unzip it.

3. then double click the setup.exe file.

4. click yes on the security prompt.

5. click next, next, next, next, close.

6. run (amvtransform) you can find it on your desktop.

Click on the folder icon (add file)

choose the desired file and file path that you want it converted. ( multiple files are accepted)

choose the desired output file (video path)

make sure that one of the videos then click on the settings icon, and you need to change these options:

video type to (AVI)

Screen width and height to (320x240)

Video convert to (normal)

Image quality to (high)

then click ok to save 

check the box beside the videos that you want to convert

finally, click on Begin to start the converting process

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